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Free Time in China

 For ESL teachers in any country in Asia, free time will be had at times, and at other times there will be a lot of it. One glaring difference between western customs and Asian customs is how one should spend free time. In western countries we can assume that time between classes and responsibilities is our time and can be done with what one chooses. In the East even though you are not busy, it is important culturally and professionally to keep yourself occupied.

Your work burden will be a lot lighter than your local coworkers. They are responsible for a great deal of additional jobs then you are as the visiting language professor. Therefore there will always be a general feeling of unfairness especially as they know what your salary is compared to theirs. One way to increase the feeling of goodwill between yourself and your coworkers is to offer help when they are busy. Work a little extra to reduce their workload and it will go a long way in developing good relationships.

Take the time to develop new lesson plans and study new teaching methodology. The busier you keep yourself the more you will be welcomed as an integral part of the teaching staff.

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