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ESL Teaching Orientation

Orientation activities largely depend on the school or system you are hired into. Teaching in Asia will inform you in regards to orientation when starting the process for a China placement. These can range from a day to a couple of weeks and require you to be in a different city then the one you are stationed in.
Orientation serves to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to conduct your job teaching in concert with the goals and curriculum as the school. It also gives you an opening view into life in China, and will usually be your first real connection with coworkers and others that will be working with you.

It is best to take orientation seriously as they will teach you how to conduct your classes effectively, deal with unruly students, as well as giving you sample lesson plans that make teaching that much easier. It is best during this time to get information pertaining to banking, medical care, language study, and any other relevant questions you might have. 

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