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ESL Chinese Dress Code

Dress code in China is a flexible topic for ESL teachers. It depends largely on the policies and procedures of the school you are teaching at. This is made very clear in your contract before you head overseas.


Some schools may require formal attire, like universities, while others may just ask that you make sure none of your clothing is offensive. China has a very different culture and way of viewing the world then most westerners do and an ESL teacher should keep this in mind when choosing their wardrobes for there time overseas. You may see many people wearing clothing that might be blatantly offensive for your eyes but they may not know the meaning.


Teaching in Asia prides itself on the teachers it sends overseas for jobs. We work hard to make the year the best we can for ESL teachers, and we ask that those same teachers respect the cultural norms as well as comply with the dress codes set out in the contract.  

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