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ESL Teaching Questions

 Teaching in Asia will require you to have many skills and a certain degree of patience that would not necessarily be needed else ware. Skills will include an ability to relate to people through body language and alternative communications until the student's language ability is developed enough to use oral communications. Patience means having the ability to understand the difference in culture and customs between your home country and the country you are teaching.

 China is a country in which questions are an integral part of teaching for children. They are encouraged to ask questions about you and your home country. Questions may appear pointed, insulting, insightful, etc but all should be considered genuine expressions of interest in learning more about your home and in turn your language. Teachers often become frustrated with the number of questions they are asked about personal things including physical defects or notable features. It is important to realize that what might be rude where we come from might be something completely different else ware.

 So keep in mind that while teaching in China that you should use the student's natural curiosities to build interest in your language. You can use question and answer games to your advantage and work to develop their skills further and more productively. Remember that any question asked will naturally be answered in the same language.

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