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Chinese Schools 101

ESL education in China is an emerging field, therefore the schools vary widely in quality of instruction and curriculum development. As China develops in ESL education a more consistent approach will emerge but for now it is a wild west for ESL of sorts. ESL teachers will find each school to be radically different from the previous one if they are experienced and may be in for a secondary culture shock when they arrive for the first time.


Teachers should be aware that China is the most chaotic in terms of ESL education and be willing to accept that methodology in China is an evolving process. Teaching in Asia strongly advises for first time teachers that alternatives to China be considered to learn the more developed methods of English instruction before delving into the new Chinese curriculum. There are some recognized institutes and schools in the large cities that are considered very advanced for language teaching. These schools offer a comprehensive orientation session and are considered to be some of the more attractive places to teach in China.


If you are an ESL teacher looking for a challenge and are up for a learning curve then China may be just the place for you. Your fellow teachers and coworkers will be your best friends in terms of teaching you how to handle the new found stresses of being abroad and teaching a culture that is not your own. Teaching in China can be the stepping stone for a great career provided you give the time needed to master the culture and teaching methods.  

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