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Chinese Rules and Consequences

When taking a job through Teaching in Asia, you will be instructed as to how to deal with setting rules and consequences in the classroom. What would be a typical duty of a teacher is complicated by the fact that you are an ESL teacher. Your students do not understand what you are saying for the most part, although it is your job to ensure they do understand by the end of the term, and you do not understand them. A Chinese teacher will usually set the rules of the class and assist you in the case you have an unruly student.

What teachers should not do is lose their tempers while in class. This can cause confusion and also cost you your respect with your students as they learn what your buttons are. You can refer to Venting in the China section for more information as to what to do when becoming frustrated on the job. Make sure to attempt to deal with a student yourself using calm body language before getting the assistance of a Chinese teacher.

In time you will develop a working relationship with your students that will allow you to teach them constructively while also ensuring their good behavior for the most part. This usually involves a balance of fun and work which ESL teachers master within a few months of arrival. 

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