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Chinese Jokes and Humor

Jokes and Humor are a great way to build a rapport with students that share your culture and upbringing. Carrying humor into another country and culture is very risky and can lead to grave misunderstandings. With a country as proud as China and a people that are passionate about things that we may not share, ESL teachers should be cautious with the use of humor in the classroom.
Teaching in Asia generally advises that teachers leave items that are questionable behind when traveling to China. This may include gag gifts, joke books, comics, etc. One of the sacrifices an ESL teacher makes when desiring to travel abroad is the ability to do and experience the things that they did at home. Everything will be a little different. You need to be more careful what you do, say, and tell because it might be vastly misinterpreted.

That being said, you will be with many other foreigners in the same occupation as you. Foreign bars are hot spots for rowdy jokes and humor from back home. So if you have a good joke to tell, find some foreign friends and get together. Do not bring the joke on the job or the classroom.  

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