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Using Games to Teach in China

One of the best ways to learn a new language is through games and so ESL teachers should make every effort to find new entertaining methods to educate students. The number of games available for ESL is endless and can be found all over the internet and there are numerous books dedicated to games. In China there are also several more localized games that are available for students to enjoy.


When working as an ESL teacher one should make sure that there is a balance between the games and actual instruction. Too many games can lead to loss of classroom discipline and order while too few may lead to a classroom full of uninterested students. Depending on the school that you work for  will determine the value of games in the curriculum. Some schools favor a more ordered approach  while others may favor a more casual style.

In any case ESL teachers have much to learn about their students and learning methods. Each student learns differently and with a scope as wide as China with a host of individual cultures a teacher must learn to adapt the teaching experience according to individual students. ESL teachers will greatly benefit from discussing teaching methods with more experienced teachers and staff.

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