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Transportation in China

 China is a country that offers a rapidly improving transportation infrastructure. With trains, planes, and automobiles you will find it easy and cheap to get around China. One of the things ESL teachers in China enjoy is the easy access to various destinations, especially through the holiday seasons and their own personal vacations.

Chinese trains are divided into four different classes, and you can choose depending on the length of the journey and the amount of money you are willing to spend. The classes include sleeper and sitting classes of trains. Beware your seat assignments however, since they are rarely honored by fellow travelers. This is ok, just find another seat in the same general area. Beware in general the toilets on all Chinese trains and classes, as people from other departments may use them during the trip, focusing on the cleanest ones first.

Taxis are cheap in China, just make sure they are licensed. Expect a charge of about a US quarter or 2 Yuan per kilometer. Always ask for a receipt when leaving a cab and when paying the bill.

Many foreigners opt to get a bicycle for getting around their own town. Bicycles are cheap and good exercise for teachers in China. Be sure to follow the local rules regarding bicycle use and also keep them safe when not using them. Bicycle theft is common and foreigners are often targeted, since they usually will purchase a nicer range of bike.

In any case you will find ways to get around your city and around China in general as you adjust to life there. Asking friends at school and other ESL teachers will also give you ideas on how to travel cheaper and faster. 


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