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Television in China

 Television in China is a massive network of both national and local TV stations playing all manner of programming. Most teachers receive a TV as part of their accommodations when they move to China. The quality of your programming will depend largely on which package you are purchasing. This will usually not be covered by the school unless it is a very basic package.

ESL teachers will usually find that Television is not the best escape. The frustration of trying to understand foreign shows in the local language never goes over well. With a DVD player or some other video device though you can find that getting foreign movies from your home is quite easy. Most DVDs also have an English subtitle option so you can experience some of the local television shows if only to gain some talking points with your students.

Teaching in Asia recommends you find alternative hobbies to better appreciate your time abroad. There are so many new experiences and things to try that you will never be without something to do. However for those rainy days, you should be able to find adequate entertainment via the television to pass the time.

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