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Phones in China

China is now the leading user of cell phones in the world by population. With numerous cell phone companies in China with price points that make their use accessible to a majority of the population, the cell phone industry continues to grow. ESL teachers will have no problem getting a basic cell phone that will cover their needs for a small amount of their paycheck. Alternatively you can seek out the higher end foreign brands for an assortment of additional options.


You will be required to have a alien id card to register a cell phone and it is best advised to talk with other teachers about their plans before going ahead. There are often hidden fees built in that you may not be aware of when you first arrive. China does have a wide range of plans including pay as you go plans to accommodate your budget. There really is no need to have a land line while in China after you get a mobile phone.

Keep in mind that frequent calls home will break your budget as international calls can be very expensive. Make sure to learn to use other forms of communication including email and some web messaging programs which are often free and just as effective. ESL teachers in Asia often become early adopters of long range communications and you will become aware quickly how to get in touch.  

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