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Housing in China

 Housing for teachers working in China will be similar to apartments in either Korea or Japan. They will be small and lightly furnished towards westerners. Teachers will find themselves either living alone or with another teacher. As always this is specified prior to commitment to a job.


Your apartment will be paid for by the school in most cases; however your utility expenses will be borne by you. These are quite cheap for the most part. Additional perks such as cable packages and internet access carry a slightly more expensive cost. It is not common for teachers to opt for expensive luxuries like satellite TV unless they plan on remaining in China for a long period of time.


For those teachers that will remain in China after the one year contract, some may wish to seek out their own apartment. As with any of the countries it is best to have a close friend who is Chinese work out the details and contract with you to avoid misunderstanding. Most ESL teachers will actually seek out their own apartment for long term stays in order to live alone, or to have a bit more space then what may be provided by the school.


Remember a western style apartment is not the reason Teaching in Asia recommends for going abroad. Teachers will not have the same luxuries they take for granted in the west. When going to Asia to teach, it is all about the experience of exploring a new culture.

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