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Chinese Healthcare

 Healthcare for teachers in China is a concern for most applicants when they approach Teaching in Asia about teaching jobs there. While some of this concern may be based in internet rumor, there are some legitimate concerns about healthcare in China. During your job, you may become sick and require treatment of some sort.

We would suggest that soon after arriving in China you sign up with a General Practitioner who has at least some knowledge of the English language. You can ask a coworker or friend to suggest one. It is important to realize that the treatments you can get from a general practitioner are limited, especially in the rural areas. For more serious problems we suggest that you approach a foreign run hospital, even though they are more expensive.

Chinese hospitals are low in cost but do not have the same array of technology as the foreign hospitals. Also in the case of an emergency, ambulances are scarce and lack modern amenities on their vehicles. We suggest obviously before choosing China that you have a full physical to determine if you are going to have a chronic or medical condition. If you do suffer from a medical condition that may act up or require a high level of treatment during your job in China, you should consider one of our other destinations.

Teaching in Asia does not wish to scare interested applicants, nor do we want to negate the realities of Chinese healthcare. It should be noted though that healthcare in China is rapidly improving, especially in the major cities, and are approaching the levels of China’s more affluent neighbors.

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