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Chinese Food and Water

The first thing that should be said in this article is that you simply cannot generalize Chinese food as this or that. The fact is that China has thousands of dishes spread out over numerous provinces and cities, which vary widely in their preferences and taste. One province may prefer a very oily food, while another might enjoy a fresher less oily one. You can often hear Chinese lamenting food from their hometown when in the big cities.


However there is one uniform standard throughout China. Dishes will almost always have two parts; The carb part which consists of rice or some other starch and a meat or vegetable dish. There are also a variety of soups available with the meals or as the meal itself. Make sure to indulge in these soups. They work well to keep you hydrated and also will neutralize some of the stronger flavors in China.

Chinese buns and noodles are world famous and ESL teachers sometimes live on them for the first few months till they get more adventurous and start branching out. Chinese food is generally very cheap especially when compared to some of Teaching in Asia’s other destinations. You will have no problem feeding yourself while in China.

Water in China should always be boiled first when coming from the tap, or better, just use bottled water. Teaching in Asia is not expressing that China might not have clean water. It is just with the large difference from city to city, and piping to piping, one cannot say which water is safe and which isn’t. Even in the advanced western nations like the United States, there are grave concerns about the water safety.

ESL teachers working in China will find a buffet of choices for their appetites. Make sure to take the time during your job to fully explore what China has to offer in terms of cuisine.

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