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Driving in China

 China’s race to the roads has not been an easy one. With millions of cars and an infrastructure not designed to accommodate the rapid growth, China is a traffic nightmare. Western cars are abundant in China, especially in the richer coastal cities and GM and Ford both have a large presence in the country.

For ESL teachers Teaching in Asia strongly suggests that you consider alternatives to driving when you are working in China. With an extremely high fatality rate and a chaotic driving scene China is hardly the place to relax on the way to work. If you are in the large cities then it multiplies the problems you will encounter on the road. It is best to just stick with the alternative transportations systems available.

That being said and if you are adamant about owning a vehicle, you should discuss with a coworker the method by which to get a car and a license. Different provinces have different rules for foreigners driving. You may be required to complete a test or get instruction depending on where you are coming from. Be prepared to offer your coworkers and fellow teachers rides if you are one of the brave enough to obtain a car though.

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