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Cash in China

 As China is still largely a cash based society, it is important to have an ample amount of cash on your person in the case of emergency. We usually recommend enough cash to cover a 30 minute cab ride twice + 3 meals. This is a Teaching in Asia rule of thumb from years of teaching experience overseas.

While teaching in China, it is important to remember that thievery is alive and well, and one should take special care to keep their money safe. We do not recommend leaving your money in your apartment when you go out for either your job or for an evening event. The banks in China are global and trustworthy and money can be readily kept there.

Make sure you know the locations of some ATMs that are accessible at all hours. In addition make sure to keep only about half of your money in your wallet. The other half keep in some other safe place on your person, your shoes for example. This way if you were to lose your wallet through mischief, you would have enough ideally for a thirty minute cab ride home and a meal.

Proper care and preparation of your cash in China will give you peace of mind and allow for a safer and easier living experience.

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