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Shopping in China

A shopper's paradise with every major brand along with literally thousands of domestic styles along with prices that are among the lowest in the world is a dream for most western teachers. ESL teachers will find that as they become experienced in China there is literally nothing they cannot buy in some form at a good price. Bags that teachers take to China over time will get smaller and smaller while return trips will bring ever increasing quantities of goods.

Street shopping in China is the best way to get a great deal but you need to learn to haggle. Negotiating prices can reduce your expenses by ten, twenty, or even up to fifty percent of the original price. While this is not the case in department stores you will find no problem with negotiating with the street vendors. Make sure to take a local coworker the first few times so they can teach you how to do it effectively. It will become fun and you will find yourself eager to do it even when you arrive back home.

ESL teachers should also be aware that counterfeit goods are plentiful in China. The old adage that if a deal is too good to be true then it probably is holds especially true in China. It is often better to trust leading local Chinese brands then counterfeit foreign ones especially in terms of food products, cleaning products, etc. All in all China is a fantastic place to find great deals and enjoy the shopping experience on a whole other level.  

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