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Museums in China

Museums are a big attraction for Chinese people and a chance to demonstrate the culture that has
been cultivated over thousands of years of history. From art museums to history museums and even horticultural museums China has a lot to offer the museum enthusiast. Museums are often cheap as they are subsidized in large part by the governments on both the national and provincial levels.


Discounts for various clubs and schools are readily available to students and teachers alike, and ESL teachers should take care to take advantage of these. You can ask your local coworkers about discount programs that are available for your province. China has undergone a major construction boom in recent years to enhance national pride especially in light of the Olympics. Museums were no exception and now some of the most spectacular museums in the world can be found in Beijing and Shanghai.


ESL teachers should take advantage of opportunities to learn more about the culture they are residing in. Spending time cruising the museums will give you plenty of talking points with your students and build your own understanding of the country. 

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