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Dance Clubs in China

China has a booming night scene and nightclubs are abundant in most Chinese cities. Some cities like Shanghai, Tsingao, and Beijing boast some of the hottest nightlife in Asia. Some of the best acts in the west can be found on certain dates in some of the cavernous and trendy clubs. Prices range from the budget club to the insanely expensive which are frequented by visiting dignitaries and businessmen.


Clubbing is a popular activity for ESL teachers, especially after making friends and becoming acquainted around town. New teachers should definitely ask about the various clubs and prices around town less they be handed a bill that is a lot more then they bargained for. There are often many unexpected expenses associated with entry fees and minimum bar tabs that a new teacher may not be aware of.

In addition teachers can take a look at the Lonely Planet Guides available for China to check on the nightlife offerings. Keep in mind that Lonely Planet is not always reflective of the rapidly changing nightlife in the larger cities. The local English newspaper will keep you better informed as to what events are taking place and about visiting DJs and artists.  

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