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Cinemas in China

China is rapidly becoming one of the most passionate movie going nations in the world. With a fervent interest in both foreign and domestic movies, China has opportunities to see just about any movie available. While almost any movie can be purchased on the street for a fraction of the real price, there is something to be said for the cinema experience. Cinema is cheap and there exists all classes of cinema in the major cities.


As China modernizes and builds ever larger cinemas with all the major luxuries and more that are available in the west, ESL teachers should find the movie going experience in China to be memorable. There are several different categories of seats in most major cinemas and depending on your position will determine the price you pay for a ticket. There are a lot of discounts available for cinema as well and you should ask your fellow teachers how to get a card that might get you in cheaper.


The movies are usually divided according to a foreign and domestic ratio. There will almost always be at least one western movie in the Chinese cinema. Chinese movies are growing in recognition and you should take some chances to see what they are like. They will give you some talking points with your students.  

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