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Camping in China

 Camping has night reached the levels that is seen in Korea or Taiwan, but it is growing especially among the expanding foreign community. Camping sites are available at the various tourist hotspots around China, especially near its national parks and memorials. The Lonely Planet guide for China available at our website has an abundance of information about camping in China.


Camping gear can be found at relatively cheap prices in most of China’s cities and towns. They vary widely in quality. Top quality western brands will be very expensive as compared to locally made gear. Other supplies can be found in outdoor stores which can be located by asking a fellow coworker for directions.


When camping in China, Teaching in Asia strongly advises that ESL teachers review any travel advisories or alerts. Some areas of China are not as safe as others so one should take care to know the conditions when travelling. Travelling with a local guide can be extremely helpful and enhance the safety and enjoyment of your experience. Female teachers are advised against camping excursions except in the case they are with male companions or as part of a guided tour.

Camping in China is a beautiful experience and with careful planning and preparation it can be a memorable time while teaching in China.

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