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Chinese Beaches

 With some of the longest shorelines in Asia, China is bound to have some great beaches. Along the Eastern coasts of China one can find beaches that rival any of the world’s great beach areas. Contrary to one’s predisposition towards China with the negative press regarding pollution, some of China’s beaches are as pristine and clean as uninhabited islands in Thailand.


Huiquan Beach in Qingdao is one of the most popular beaches for foreign visitors and it’s close proximity to one of China’s largest cities guarantees a balance of relaxation and nightlife. For teachers in Qingdao it creates the environment for an excellent year teaching overseas.


If your job takes you to the Hainan province then you will be rewarded with great beaches that are comfortable for swimming even in the wintertime. Coconut plantations and greenery create the atmosphere for a paradise on Earth and offer a respite from the rigors of your teaching job. A great way to relax is to just relax in the shallow waters off the coast and look back at the beautiful coastline.


So wherever you are in China for your work, try to take some time and visit one of China’s many beaches. It is a respite from the crowded cities that cover a great deal of China, and gives you the chance to meet with foreigners from other parts of China you wouldn’t ordinarily meet otherwise. 

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