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Foreign Bars in China

 Foreign bars and nightclubs are prevalent all over China, but nowhere as much as the modern city of Shanghai. With numerous western bars and ice bars all over the city, you will be hard-pressed to not be able to find a watering hole that reminds you of home. With Irish bars, sports bars, and saloon style bars just to name a few, China will prove no difficulty for the foreigner eager to find some kin to drink with.

With big paychecks and a popular following western businessmen and teachers are key targets for bar owners. So advertisements are often posted in various English newspapers around the city as well as in the foreigner frequented districts. Your coworkers will no doubt have an idea where the most popular spots are since they probably frequent them themselves.

As a city that prides itself on its cosmopolitan culture Shanghai is home to a great number of foreign musical acts. Checking out the live music scene on a Friday or Saturday night is easy and can provide a great deal of fun. Drinks are typically more expensive in a western bar then a local one and foreigners will pay a price to mingle. A lot of teachers will find both local and western bars to enjoy themselves in after some time in the country.

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