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Fishing in China

 Fishing is a popular pastime in China and is often as much to catch a meal for the family as it is for relaxation and enjoyment. The pollution levels in many of China’s rivers and streams have reached untenable levels in recent years and the quality of the catch has dropped dramatically as a result. In certain areas of China, away from the big cities and factories you can easily find pristine areas for fishing.


ESL teachers will often organize a fishing trip during certain vacations to take advantage of the beauty and relaxation of China’s rural territories. Fishing equipment may be a little more difficult to find in China as else ware given that many Chinese will make their own rudimentary poles and lines. Western equipment may be very expensive and available only in the larger cities. It is best to ask a fellow teacher where one might be able to get good locally made fishing equipment as well as some locations where to fish.


When arranging for a fishing expedition be aware that you will most likely be going into the countryside where English will be rarely spoken. It is often best to go with a local friend and paying the cost of their trip will definitely go a long way for an enjoyable trip. An experienced fisherman will also be able to show you how to prepare a fish after catching for a meal later.

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