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Drinking Tents in China

 Drinking tents are popular places to drink in China. Cheap and abundant in many cities around China, they provide a unique experience for visiting ESL teachers. Food and alcohol are often served hand in hand at these establishments and if you want to try truly local fare, the drinking tents are the way to go.

Some of the flavors and dishes you will experience will make you crave them for years afterwards. Some will make you crave that you never ate them in the first place. One of the aspects of being an ESL teacher is that you will try and experience things that you never have before and likely never will again. So dig in and ask for the local specialty. It will make for a humorous evening and for some lifelong memories.

Drinking tents rarely take any form of payment except for cash. Bring an ample supply since an evening can often drag on with multiple friends coming and going. Some teachers call it their tent purse and keep small change in it for their nights out and about. For an added treat ask a local friend to come along and introduce you to some tasty treats.

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