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Religion in China

Teaching in Asia strongly encourages that teachers considering a job in China strongly follow the customs and laws of the country they will be residing in. As religion is a highly charged subject by both governments and individuals alike, one should take special caution in both preaching or openly practicing religion in certain areas, which include China. While China does allow religious belief and practices it espouses those who act as missionaries and or preachers.

In addition some areas of China take very negative views of certain religions, for reasons which go back hundreds or even thousands of years. The first Christians took a very dim view of Asia and often abused the local populations. This led to a rational and logical fear of organized religion which continues to this day.

When considering China as a teaching destination you should examine your own beliefs. If you are an active practitioner of religion then China may not be the ideal destination for you. If you are looking to take a objective view of a culture and their traditions then their might be no better place. China can be a wonderful learning experience depending on your personal views and practices. Questions about specific religious questions should be directed towards a Teaching in Asia counselor who can better answer more specific issues.

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