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Chinese Music and Dance

China with its long history and rich culture has its own distinct instruments and dances. ESL teachers who are fond of unique cultural treasures will find the musical voice of China to be a highlight of their journey overseas. For the teacher looking for modern influences, China is also a trove of hip hop, classical, techno, etc.

With a wealth of music nightclubs in the major cosmopolitan cities like Shanghai and Beijing China is a hotspot for trendy youngsters. With its traditional restaurants and concerts it still retains its ancient charm and instrumental influences. Performing artists from around the world often hold concerts in China’s major cities as well so as a teacher you may find the cheapest tickets possible to see your favorite performer.

When in China make sure to invest some time into learning about the musical traditions. It will greatly impress your Chinese friends and coworkers if you take a genuine interest in their music. It will also establish yourself as a person passionate about learning, and your friends will be eager to expose you to other aspects of Chinese culture and tradition.


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