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Festivals in China

 Chinese history has bred hordes of traditional festivals which vary as widely as the people and cultures that separate them. Along with the regional occasions that mark the unique histories and traditions of the myriads of people living and residing in China, you also have the national governmental festivals in the large cities.


The political system sponsors and holds several festivals to mark modern Chinese history along with the major state sponsored holidays. These include the Lunar New Year, Children's Day, and several others. Teachers will normally receive vacation time during these state holidays although the more regional holidays will be determined from school to school. Traveling during the major holidays is ill advised though as literally hundreds of millions of people make their way to their hometowns and families.


Expect to receive gifts from coworkers and students around some holidays. It is also good to find out the days when it would be appropriate to give gifts depending on the school and age group you are working with. Gift giving in China builds goodwill and strong relationships with both students and coworkers and will be greatly appreciated.


Make sure that during your job as an ESL teacher that you take the time to explore the various festivals and holidays that are being held during your tenure there. You will find new and traditional foods and flavors to enjoy as well as the chance to make new friends. You can get an idea of what some of the festivals, even local ones, are in a Lonely Planet guide for China.

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