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Sports in China

Aside from the national pastimes of Ping Pong and the relatively new introduction of Soccer, China has a wealth of other sports available to spectators. Basketball is a growing phenomenon in China and several Chinese players have emigrated to the NBA including Yao Ming. Golf, track sports, and Baseball also are emerging as national sports in China.

In the major cities there are large sports facilities able to accommodate tens of thousands of fans. This is especially true in Beijing which recently hosted the Olympic games. Western teachers will find watching sports to be a cheap but exciting cultural event. With fans every bit as passionate as any in Europe or the USA it is a sight to behold in the midst of a tight competition.

Make sure to offer to take fellow teachers to some events. It is quite often a rare treat for them. They can also take you to see some lesser known sporting events that have significant value in Chinese history and culture. Remember that even if you are not a fan of sports in your home nation, watching them in a different country can be a whole other experience.

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