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Chinese Literature

Literature in China is the oldest in the world. It was the Chinese that invented paper and were the first to use paper for communication purposes. From ancient government testing to stories that reflect the rich history of China literature was and remains an integral part of Chinese history. It should be noted that in modern China there are some restrictions in place in terms of what books can be purchases. For obvious reasons some history and political books may be hard to find and may even be illegal to find.

ESL teachers will have plenty of literature to choose from in their schools or academies especially if they cater to older students. You can also find book stores all over China, especially in the larger cities. In Shanghai and Beijing you can find large English bookstores that are exclusively for foreign expats.

Books from the west are often imported and can be quite a bit more expensive then their counterpart in the USA or Europe. Sometimes it is a bit easier to bring some books back from your occasional trips home, or have them mailed to you. Keep in mind that your books may be checked when entering China and if they are found to be unsuitable they can be confiscated. Books about Tibet, North Korea, Democracy, etc are good examples of what might be frowned upon.  

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