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Chinese Holidays

China has several holidays which are divided into national governmental holidays and local historical ones. Each province in China has it's own rich history which it celebrates through events during the year. Schools are almost always closed during national holidays and much less commonly during local events. Chinese holidays are usually busy times to travel and teachers often will find it difficult to travel during these times, unless they are going overseas.

Some of the biggest Chinese holidays are the Lunar New Year, Army Day, Childrens Day, etc. These can range from a single day to over a week of festivities. Millions of people flock to their hometowns to celebrate with their families and friends. Cities can become barren in some of the newer more recently developed areas of the country.
ESL teachers are urged to start planning well in advance of the Chinese holidays. The school will usually post the days it has off in the contract so the teacher is aware of his/her responsibilities around that time. Some schools may require the teacher to be there for a marketing event that will take place either at the beginning of a large holiday or near the end of one. Ask your director or coworkers some suggestions as to how or where you can spend the holidays.  

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