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Cost of Living

Among the countries that we have available to you for jobs as teachers, China ranks second cheapest in terms of cost of living. Only Thailand is cheaper in our opinion. While wages in China are not as high as the other countries available, you will find you are able to have a high quality of life with your income.
Jobs in China typically pay the local citizens much less then what you would be paid as a teacher. You will find that eating local food will cost at most a few dollars, as long as you not eating at extravagant restaurants or a lot of foreign chains. Clothing and entertainment can all be had at bargain prices.
Just ask your fellow teachers when you arrive where to get the best deals on all sorts of products and services. They will surely share their personal favorites and in the process save you a lot of money from your arrival. Just be sure to take good notes as to the addresses and locations. Our teachers typically have a notebook full of shop names, addresses, and what they get there. 

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