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China is the world’s most populated nation with 1.3 billion people. The country is still growing rapidly and the population is expected to grow into the future. If China had not developed its controversial one child policy then the population is estimated to be around 1.7 billion today.
The population of China is relatively homogenous but with heavy influences from its border provinces in regards to ethnic minorities. Immigration to the coastal areas has continued despite government incentives to keep them in the western rural areas. Seeking jobs, millions of agricultural laborers have made their way to the more industrialized provinces to provide for their families.
China is still a new nation in regards to the expat movement. While more and more foreigners are residing in China, for example ESL teachers, there are still many challenges to foreign residents in regards to healthcare, property ownership, and entrepreneurship. China has a growing religious base for a variety of Christian religions as well as Muslim followers.

The population density of China is not what you might expect for it being such a populous nation. With a density similar to Switzerland China has seen a huge imbalance in the populations of its Eastern provinces versus its western ones. This will continue as the Eastern provinces become more and more developed, leaving the rural provinces behind.

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