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 The economy of China has transformed itself so dramatically in the past 20 years that it is a shadow of it’s former self. Massive privatization across a huge spectrum of industries has given China the skills and clout necessary to become one of the world’s largest economies. With literally hundreds of thousands of factories spread across China’s eastern coast, it has become an export powerhouse.

Agriculture still plays a huge part in China’s economy employing hundreds of millions of people in the interior and in Western China. The major cities in China are becoming centers of trade for not only Asia but for the world, with growing expatriate communities and a booming service sector.

While China is still officially a communist state, one cannot easily see this except for some vital industries such as defense, telecoms, and power. Most consumer goods companies are now private with both Chinese and foreign ownership. In addition foreigners manage a large number of factories throughout China bringing their production expertise and efficiency to low Chinese labor costs.

As an ESL teacher in China, it will be your job to bring a new level of development to China. You will be bringing the business language of the world to Chinese people in order to allow them to continue to improve and develop their economy.

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