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Currency in China is divided into Yuan, Jiao, and Fen. While the Fen has almost ceased to exist as a normal trading currency, the Yuan and Jiao have become the primary units of trade and exchange. Be sure to carry an ample supply of cash as many retailers and shops will only take cash.


With the exception of the 1 Yuan coin, all Yuan is in paper form. The denominations for Yuan are 1,2,5,10,20,50, and 100 Yuan notes. 1 Yuan equals 10 Jiao and the coins which represent Jiao come in 1,2, and 5 Jiao denominations. As 10 Jiao is equal to 1 Yuan, the one Yuan coin is used.


1 Jiao equals 10 Fen, but as the Fen is falling out of usage with inflation and natural increases in prices it will generally not be used. However the denominations for Fen are 1,2, and 5 Fen coins. Learn the currency by features. Foreigners are always counting out the wrong change and getting mixed up. With practice comes perfect. 

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