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 Shanghai is China’s most populous city and is widely considered to be its financial capital if Hong Kong were excluded. With some of the most expensive real estate in the country and rapid development, Shanghai has emerged as the place to be in China. With literally thousands of foreigners residing in Shanghai, the expat community has grown and developed itself into a cosmopolitan force within the city.

With entertainment stretching all over the city and a wide variety available, having a good time in Shanghai is never much of a challenge. With its high level of English language development living in Shanghai is relatively easy for a newcomer as compared to another less developed city. Salaries tend to be much higher in Shanghai then the rest of the country to make up for the higher costs of living.

When considering Shanghai one should note the massive population. If patience is not your virtue perhaps you should consider a more rural area. If you are about meeting other people and having a great time along with some great job experience then Shanghai might be the best city for you.

For ESL teachers, usually an apartment will be a part of the contract when moving to Shanghai. Due to the brutally competitive real estate market, and the difficulties in negotiating for a foreigner, it is easier for a school just to include housing as a part of the compensation package. With the advanced transport systems though it will be no problem getting anywhere in Shanghai regardless of where you live. Check out Shanghai in some of the books we have available to get a better idea of where the places to be in Shanghai are located.

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