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Home to some of the largest mountain ranges on the planet, China is a mountaineer’s paradise. With its beautiful snowcapped mountain ranges which stretch over a lot of the northern and western territories it is an excellent point to make a trip and experience these with your own eyes. With literally hundreds of world class mountains spread across various mountain ranges you will experience what some call the closest thing to heaven on Earth.

Let us at Teaching in Asia offer a few words of caution to those ESL teachers considering attempting to climb with little or no experience. The mountains in China are not comparable to most of those in the west. They are mighty mountains that experience frequent changes in weather and wind. Without the right experience and friends you can find yourself in danger quickly if attempting a climb.

There are several ways you can build yourself up to the challenge. Many cities have small hills and even mountains which are easily accessible for a climb. Take the effort to practice with friends and coworkers here. It is a great way to learn the basics and build your relationships. Then you can progress to bigger ones until you feel ready to make a general climbing tour in one of the ranges. These are easily available in China, make sure to invest in a Lonely Planet China guide before going.

Shops that sell equipment and goods for climbing are readily available. Equipment may be a bit expensive as compared to the west since you want to stick with high quality imported merchandise. Make sure you take lessons if available. Your ESL teaching experience doesn’t have to stop with a classroom. Learn how to climb and perhaps you can have the experience of a lifetime in the process. 

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